How We Work

Our policy is to agree a set cost for the rendering involved and solve any issues that arise during the rendering process. We provide a managed service committed to delivering exceptional 24 hour support to all our customers. If you have a questions or any problems during the render process we’re there to help you and sort out any issues.
Unlike most other render farms we render multiple passes, embedded or as separate data files for post production, and because we have a set cost per project not per frame submitted – you know what your final rendering costs are going to be from the outset, reducing the risk of having to pay for incorrect frames submitted etc.
Through our past experience we understand the tight deadlines and client pressure involved as a project is nearing completion, we reduce this to a painless process whereby rendered files are supplied correctly and in time for post production. We also give a degree of leeway for test renders and those unforeseen client changes.
Just fill in our form with your job details and we will contact you ASAP and give you a cost for the render time involved.

File delivery

Files can be delivered via fast ftp, delivered on Blu-ray or portable HD units or collected from our central Dublin offices.

Want more information? Just ask.


We work with you to help you optimse your files and reduce wasted frames.


Harness our processing power to render, download from our servers or collect on hard drive from central Dublin.


If you have any questions or any problems during the render process, we're there to help.